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A brief introduction

Hey friends! I am Andy, and I am from Xi’an, China. Which is a city with a long history and there are many beautiful and world-famous historical sites here. I am a native Chinese/Mandarin speaker. I have many interests, such as travelling, swimming, listening music, reading and Chinese calligraphy.

My Mandarin is standard very much without any dialect. I also have received a complete and strict teacher training and obtained the IPA certificate teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Up to today I have almost 3 years of experience teaching Chinese online. My major is business English in the college so there will be no communication barrier between us even if you are a Chinese beginner. And I am studying for a master’s degree in business administration so I could help you with business Chinese if you want to do business with/in China. I have taught all ages and all levels, including HSK,HSKK and business Chinese. I am a very careful, humorous, patient and guiding teacher. I guarantee that after one of my class you will feel more confident in Chinese learning.


Chinese for beginners

Learn from the basic system of initial consonants, finals and tones of Chinese Pinyin, basic pronunciation rules and sound change rules, and learn by practicing dialogue. Learn common words, words and sentences, and practice them in situational dialogues. At the same time, in order to ensure the interest of the classroom, I will apply music, animation, etc. to the teaching link of curriculum design, so as to preview before class, focus on teaching and practice during class, and review and consolidate homework after class.

Conversational Chinese

PPT courseware with pictures and texts and scenario exercises of key words and sentences in each lesson.


Make sure that the Chinese learned in each class is applied to our daily life in the homework after class.

Chinese for children

According to the characteristics of children, they are lively and active. In the classroom, more interesting games, lively and lovely finger exercises, animation and other design teaching links are added

Business Chinese

Business Chinese learning can help you better understand China’s business etiquette, business communication and develop China’s trade market. Practice business dialogue based on the actual situation.


The 45 hour practice of basic spoken Chinese can reach HSK Level 2 and basic spoken Chinese communication.

Intensive Chinese

Improve your Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, from YCT1 to YCT5, from HSK1 to HSK6, and gradually help you improve your Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing ability.

General Chinese

Putonghua practice and pay more attention to pronunciation. I will lead students to read aloud and correct sounds, so that students can accurately read dialogues and texts by themselves.



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