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A brief introduction

Hello! I’m Anna from China. I am a native Chinese speaker and here is my Chinese Teaching Certificate. I have ever been a English teacher in primary school for 2 years, and up to now I have taught Chinese as a foreign language for 4 years.

I am an open-minded, lively and considerate tutor. In my class, I will not only teach you Chinese language, but also share you with Chinese culture, interpersonal communication, animals and tasty food which you are interested in. I am good at creating an active atmosphere and grasping the pace of the class, therefore there is always full of laughter in my class. I could teach all ages and all levels, mainly are teenage at present. I prefer to use less media such as English and let learners speak more Chinese, even if there are mistakes. I believe that after one of my class, you will feel more confident in Chinese learning.

We are friends rather than teachers and students. Welcome to join my class, see you.


Chinese for beginners

I’m very good at teaching《Basic Spoken Chinese 1》and 《Basic Spoken Chinese 2》.

Conversational Chinese

The textbooks of the main professors are《Basic Spoken Chinese 1》and 《Basic Spoken Chinese 2》.I have one year’s teaching experience with zero foundation.


Chinese is the subject I am currently teaching, and the textbooks include《Basic Spoken Chinese 1》, 《Basic Spoken Chinese 2》and 《HSK Standard Course 1-6》.

Chinese for children

I have successfully taught 4 children, including foreigners, Chinese and Hong Kong children. I have prepared professional Chinese PPT for children as a foreign language, as well as PPT in traditional characters and simplified Chinese for 7-11 years old


Current teaching materials include HSK1 and HSK2

General Chinese

include 《Basic Spoken Chinese 1》and 《Basic Spoken Chinese 2》, HSK1 and HSK2.



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