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Erika Z.

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A brief introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Erika. I’m from Taiyuan, China. I am a native Chinese speaker. I have rich teaching experience and have taught Chinese as a foreign language online for more than 5 years.

I could teach all ages and all levels, including HSK courses and business Chinese courses. My students are from all over the worlds, now mainly are Children. In class, I like to use games, songs, props and interesting activities to teach and make the class more interesting. Learning Chinese with me, you will not fell boring but great fun. In spare time, I enjoy learning different cultures. I also like reading, singing, traveling and outdoor with my family. Hope we could be friends after class.

I am a mother of two lovely children, so I am very patient and empathy because I teach them both English and Chinese. Come on! I believe that you would benefit a lot from my class.

Looking forward to see you soon.


Chinese for beginners
I will teach you Pinyin. You can use Pinyin to learn more Chinese characters, and then slowly learn new words and sentences.

Conversational Chinese
I will have a lot of scene modes to learn, so that you can quickly learn Chinese and what to say on what occasions.

My mother tongue is Chinese, and my pronunciation is very standard. Learning Chinese with me will make you fluent in Chinese.

Chinese for children
I will use a special tutorial for children, with vivid and interesting pictures and games, so that children can learn Chinese through games.

Business Chinese
I know all the Chinese sentences needed for business communication. Come and learn together.

I have HSK textbooks and PPT, which can help you to succeed in the exam. Several of my current students are learning with HSK tutorials. I will expand many Chinese sentences to improve your spoken English.

Intensive Chinese
If you want to make your Chinese better, speak more sentences, or succeed in the exam, you are right to come to my class.



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