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A brief introduction

Hello freinds!Nice to meet you! When you open up my info grafic, you will find an interesting soul waiting for you.

My  name is Esperanza. I am a qualified and professional Chinese language tutor. I have 5 years Chinese teaching experience, and I am confident that I could help you in your Chinese learning.

I have been teaching Chinese more than 5 years. I have ever taught Chinese to some Cuban students when I studied Spanish in Cuba, and it was a very memorable and fulfilling experience for me. I could teach all ages and all levels, including beginners and advanced learners. My Mandarin is standard very much without any dialect accent. I think that in Chinese learning one of the most important things is the tone, because the Chinese character and its meaning will be very different just because of their different tone. Meanwhile, in my class, I will share some interesting and practical knowledge of Chinese history and culture, so that the learner could better understand Chinese and will not fell any boring nor difficult in learning Chinese, but simple and fun.


Chinese for beginners

The most important thing for beginners is to imitate and read, repeatedly practice the listening and speaking ability of the language, slowly find the sense of Chinese language, and gradually discover the rules of phonetic learning; Chinese characters look like paintings to foreign friends, which is relatively difficult, so there is no requirement for beginners.

Conversational Chinese

I have practiced Chinese dialogue with Chinese learners to help correct pronunciation and language habits, pursue accuracy in pronunciation and intonation, and avoid ambiguity.


Based on my own experience of studying abroad, I gradually thought about the differences in cultural life, thinking habits, etc. of various countries, gradually realized the different wisdom of human civilization, and more wanted to communicate with compatriots in various countries through language.

Chinese for children

The learning objectives are basically similar to those of beginners, such as imitating, following and reading, listening and speaking. However, most of them prefer a relaxed and pleasant teaching method. With the help of some audio, video and other media, children can experience Chinese more intuitively, so as to gradually cultivate their interest in learning languages.

Business Chinese

On the basis of beginners, the correction of pronunciation and intonation can prevent ambiguity, which tends to increase vocabulary in social and business work, and emphasizes the teaching of language habits and etiquette in different occasions.


Learners have certain plans and goals for the degree of Chinese learning. They need to cooperate with the corresponding textbooks to achieve the goals of vocabulary, normal use of sentences, language habits in different fields, and so on, so as to continue to advance Chinese learning.

Intensive Chinese

Beginning with the beginners’ perception of Chinese, and then having a certain learning plan and goal (HSK), there will be more requirements in vocabulary, grammar, language habits, cultural traditions and other aspects, and more emphasis on knowledge and content expansion.



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