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A brief introduction

Hello everyone! I am Fangfang from Suzhou,China,which is a very beautiful city with unique charm. As the saying goes, there is heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below(上有天堂下有苏杭。Shàng Yǒu Tiān táng, xià yǒu sῡ háng). If you have chance to come here, you will love it deeply^ ^

I am a native Chinese speaker,and I am a professional Chinese teacher with many years of experience, so my Mandarin is standard very much without any dialect accent. I have taught all ages and all levels, including HSK and HSKK exam preparations courses. In my class, I will practice and progress your ability of speaking, listening, writing and reading in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. I guarantee that after one of my class, you will feel more confident in learning Chinese,and I would be your good teacher and friend.

Looking forward to seeing you in my class!


Chinese for beginners

Teach students to learn pinyin from the beginning, how to pronounce, help students to increase their listening, speaking, reading and writing ability

Conversational Chinese

In the form of questions and answers, combined with life scenes, to help students better communication


Teaching pinyin, Chinese writing, through the learning of Chinese grammar and way of thinking, easier to learn Chinese

Chinese for children

1.Useful Chinese teaching children, according to the children’s personality and hobbies to design different class content, make the course relaxed and happy, mainly guide children to learn C

hinese interest

2.I can also read Chinese picture books, tell Chinese stories, sing Chinese songs and play games


Combined with HSK textbooks, increase the practice of listening, speaking, reading and writing, combined with the examination questions, from HSK1-HSK6, so that students can easily cope with the test

General Chinese

To help students understand China and Chinese from the perspective of listening, speaking, reading and writing

Chinese language



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