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A brief introduction

Hey everyone! I am teacher Jackie. I am from Qingdao,China, which is a very beautiful coastal city. I am an experienced Chinese teacher. I believe that I could help you with Chinese learning greatly.

I have been engaged in Chinese teaching for almost 5 years and have rich teaching experience. I could teach all ages and all levels, including HSK, HSKK and business Chinese courses. My Mandarin is standard very much. My teaching style is simple and practical, and my class atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. In my class I will also share with you some Chinese history, culture, food and etc if you are interested in. After one of my class you will feel more confident in Chinese learning.

Welcome to my class! Book a trial lesson right now! Let me accompany you in Chinese learning.


Chinese for beginners

The most difficult part in learning Chinese is pinyin, but don’t worry, because I grew up in the north of China, I have spoken Mandarin since childhood, and I am also teaching Chinese in China, So please rest assured, I will teach you how to speak Fluent Chinese, become a China expert!

Conversational Chinese

The difference between Chinese and Western cultures is often greater in conversation. Don’t worry, I have a complete set of conversational Chinese exercises to help you come to China.


Chinese, including Chinese traditional culture, if you want to know more about China, learn Chinese culture, history, geography, then what are you waiting for, join my class, give you a wonderful way to learn.

Chinese for children

If a language is to be learned, it must be learned at a young age, when children are most receptive and have the best memories. I would like to sing songs, tell stories, listen to music, play games and play different roles with the children in class. The children enjoy my class very much. Let your children experience it too.

Business Chinese

If you are doing business in China or have business dealings with Chinese people, and need to learn Chinese, I have professional business Chinese teaching, I believe it will be helpful to your business.


If you want to become a China expert, then please take HSK, every stage from 1 to 6 is so interesting, welcome you, we will see you in class.

Intensive Chinese

I am learning Advanced English, I know it is easy and hard, but if you are learning advanced Chinese, then great, I have the most effective methods and courses, I will find one you like, or you can bring your book, I will help you.

General Chinese

Follow me, I will take you to learn the basics of Chinese, expand your knowledge in other fields, learn to express yourself flexibly in different occasions. Do you want to be a qualified “China expert”? Please come into my class.

Chinese Literature

My major in university is Chinese language and literature, and I am very fond of ancient Chinese culture, especially the study of ancient Chinese poetry. If you also like, welcome to join!

“What a joy it is to have friends coming from afar”, let us enjoy the charm of China’s 5,000-year splendid culture together!



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