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A brief introduction

Hello friends! I’m Joyce, a native Chinese speaker from China. My major is Chinese language and Literature and I have 30 years of teaching experience of Chinese in public school. Therefore I have rich Chinese teaching experience and lots of practical and flexible teaching methods, I am very sure that I could help your Chinese learning greatly.

I heard from many foreign friends saying Chinese learning is so difficult. How about you? If your answer is yes, that is not your fault, but the responsibility of teacher. Chinese languages has its own rules. As long as you know these rules, Chinese learning could be an easy and fun. I would guide you to know about these. I could teach all ages and all levels, including HSK,HSKK exam preparations and business Chinese courses. I am sure that you will feel more confident in learning Chinese after one of my class.

Hope to see you soon.


Chinese for beginners

Zero basic students can master about 555 commonly used Chinese in a 45 hour course and easily pass the HSK2 exam by using the immersion teaching method.

Conversational Chinese

Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, draw scenes according to your actual situation, and discuss your daily needs or favorite topics together. It is very practical.


Conversation and Chinese character writing make you master Chinese and Chinese characters easily and happily.

Chinese for children

Based on the fundamental principle of “teaching through fun”, draw scenes to let children unconsciously learn knowledge in the game, and truly realize that learning is fun at the same time.

Business Chinese

Pragmatic, precise, practical and practical!


There is a detailed PPT based on the HSK textbook. The students preview first and then practice in class. After a lesson, they have basically mastered the knowledge they need to know.


I have worked in Hong Kong’s financial industry for four years and have used Cantonese for more than 12 hours a day for four years.

Intensive Chinese

I am a Chinese teacher in China, tutoring Chinese students from primary school to high school, so you can find me if you want to know about Chinese culture, history and geography.

General Chinese

Chinese is my mother tongue, and I have been engaged in Chinese language teaching for a long time.

Chinese Literature

My deep interest in Chinese literature enables me to be your good mentor.


It can help students pass all levels of TOCFL examinations and obtain overseas study scholarships.



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