Lijun L.
Lijun L.

Lijun L.

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  • shenzhen, China
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A brief introduction

Hello, everyone! I’m Lijun from Guangxi, China, a native Chinese speaker with very standard Mandarin. Since 2000 till today, I have been teaching Chinese and English in some training institutions part time(in classroom), and I have taught Chinese as a foreign language online for 5 years as well. My major is business English so there will be no any barrier between our communication even if your Chinese is not very good.

I have certificate of both Chinese teaching and Mandarin and I accumulated rich teaching experience. I could work with all ages and all levels, including HSK exam preparations and business Chinese. I am a very patient and responsible tutor. The atmosphere of my class is relax, enjoyable and effective. In my class we could talk about interesting topics you like and practice sentences you actually want to use. I have the confidence and ability to prove that you will not regret your choice of me.

There is a saying that “Guilin landscape is the best under heaven(桂林山水甲天下<guì lín shān shuĭ jiă tiān xià>), and it is to say Guangxi. Welcome to my hometown and welcome to follow me to learn and better your Chinese.


Chinese for beginners

I will choose textbooks according to students’ learning objectives. Begin the primary study of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing, and help students master the basic daily life dialogue and social communication language. In teaching, students learn Pinyin and characters through pictures, scenes and objects, and consolidate through practice, games and repetition, so that they can lay a solid foundation of Chinese language at the initial stage.

Conversational Chinese

I will use standard Mandarin to help students strengthen their oral expression ability and enrich their Chinese vocabulary. During the teaching, I will explain the correct pronunciation methods, and practice the students’ conversation ability by reading aloud and following, and speaking with pictures, so as to achieve the learning goal of conversational Chinese.


The correct pronunciation of Chinese Pinyin, stroke order of characters, sentence patterns and sentence types, I will use professional Chinese knowledge to help students complete interesting Chinese learning.

Chinese for children

If you learn a language, you must learn it when your children are young, because children have the strongest receptivity and the best memory. I am willing to sing, tell stories, listen to music, play games and play different roles with children in class. Children love my class. Let your children experience it.

Business Chinese

Mainly learn the Chinese knowledge that we will use in our work, use the special textbook knowledge to learn, and quickly learn business Chinese knowledge.


I will use special test materials, design courses according to the test time and students’ existing Chinese level, and learn Chinese for the test. According to the requirements of different levels of examination content, we should grasp the knowledge points, learn the pronunciation method of Chinese Pinyin, the writing order, listening practice and reading practice. Share test skills to meet the needs of candidates at different levels.



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