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A brief introduction

Hello friends! I am Lina. I am from Anhui, China. Very nice to meet you on Preply! I am a native Chinese/Mandarin speaker. I have many interests, such as reading,listening music,working out and etc.

I major in Linguistic Literature, and I have almost 3 years of experience in teaching Chinese online. I could teach all ages and all levels,including HSK and business Chinese courses. I am a very friendly and patient teacher so I get along very well with my students. I always suggest/choose applicable textbooks for students basing on their ages, Chinese levels and learning aims, and it is very effective. We could also talk about interesting topics you like, whatever is Chinese food, Chinese history or Chinese scenery. I believe that I could help your Chinese learning greatly.

Book a trial class now! Just tell me what you want to learn. I will make a proper plan for you. See you!


Chinese for beginners

Adult Chinese beginners can use BSC (Basic Spoken Chinese) textbooks to learn, and can quickly master basic Chinese and oral communication. After learning this textbook, it is equivalent to level 2 of HSK.

Conversational Chinese

If you want to focus on learning spoken Chinese, you can use the BSC textbooks, or specify the learning content according to the needs of students, such as services, tourism, etc.

Chinese for children

You can use textbooks such as YCT and Learning Chinese with Ease, which are applicable to children and adolescents.


There are 1~6 levels of HSK standard textbooks. I have taught students at each level, mostly at 1~4 levels. Many of my students have successfully passed the HSK exam and achieved good results.



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