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A brief introduction

Hello everyone! I am Linlin. I am from Shenyang,China, which is a very famous and beautiful city with long history. I am a native Chinese/Mandarin speaker. I am also a professional Chinese teacher. Welcome to my Chinese class.

I have 3 years experience in Chinese teaching. I could teach all ages and all levels, including HSK, HSKK and business Chinese courses. My major is English and ever been an English teacher for several years. Therefore there will be no big barriers in our communication. In my class, I will use different scenes to improve your Chinese. I am a gentle, open-minded and responsible teacher. You will learn Chinese in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. After one of my class you will feel more confident in Chinese learning.

Come on! Let us discuss your learning target and how I can help you to make it.


Chinese for beginners
Start from Chinese pinyin, combine sentences, learn Chinese characters and words, proficiently use Chinese characters and words in sentences.

Conversational Chinese
Ppt courseware with pictures and texts and scene practice the key words and sentences of each class.

Ensure that the Chinese learned in each class is actually applied to our daily life in our after-school homework.

Chinese for children
Stimulate children’s interest, use games, pictures, stories and other methods to communicate with children, learning pinyin, vocabulary, every child has their own advantages, good at discovering the advantages of children, encourage children to speak Chinese boldly, so that children have the confidence to learn Chinese.

The basic spoken Chinese practice for 45 hours can reach HSK Level 2 and basic spoken Chinese communication.

General Chinese
Pinyin, vocabulary, grammar, daily spoken English



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