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A brief introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Linran. I am from Chengde, China, which not only has many tourist attractions, but also is known as the hometown of Mandarin. I am a native Chinese/Mandarin speaker, and I am a professional Chinese teacher as well. Nice to see you here!

I have 13 years of Chinese teaching experience in public school. I could teach all ages and all levels, including HSK, HSKK and business Chinese courses. Teaching should be tailored to students’ personal needs and aptitudes and I always did this way. I will choose different textbooks and teaching methods for each of my students according to their ages and Chinese levels. I am a gentle and humorous teacher. I believe that after one of my class you will feel more confident and comfortable in Chinese learning.

Come on my friends! Please tell me what you want to learn and let us enjoy in Chinese learning.


Chinese for beginners

For learning Chinese, pinyin is the most difficult thing in the beginning. But please don’t worry, because I was born in the hometown of Mandarin Chengde, Hebei Province, China, speak Mandarin since childhood, so please rest assured, your Chinese hand to you, will let you speak fluent Chinese, become China expert.

Conversational Chinese

Because there are differences in cultures of different countries, there are often greater differences in conversation, so the conversation class will make our class full of fun. Don’t worry, I have a whole set of conversational Chinese exercises to help you come to China.


Chinese culture extensive and profound, long history. If you want to know more about China, learn more about Chinese culture, people, history, geography, then what are you waiting for, join my class, I will take you to appreciate the 5,000 years of Chinese cultural legend

Chinese for children

No matter what language is learned, it must be cultivated when children are young, because this is the enlightenment stage of children, this time children’s acceptance ability is the strongest, memory is the best. In class, I will tell stories, listen to music, play games, play different roles with each other, and then have fun learning. Let your children experience this experience.

Business Chinese

If you are doing business in China, or do business with Chinese people, you must learn Chinese. I have a professional business Chinese course, I believe it will be helpful for your business.


If you want to become a China expert, please take HSK, the courses in HSK are tailored for you, from 1 to 6 each stage of learning will make you feel relaxed and happy. Welcome! I’ll see you in class!

Intensive Chinese

If you are learning advanced Chinese, then great, I have the most effective methods and courses. Don’t forget that I am a professional Chinese teacher. I have been working for 21 years. I have been teaching Chinese and English for 8 years and Chinese for 13 years up to now.

General Chinese

Speaking Chinese fluently will allow you to travel around China. You can say that, so welcome to my class!

Chinese Literature

The Literature of the Chinese nation is a community of national literature with the Han nationality as the main part. With a long history of thousands of years, Chinese literature has formed its own characteristics with special content, form and style, its own aesthetic ideal, its own dominant ideological and cultural tradition and theoretical criticism system. With its excellent history, diversified forms, numerous Chinese writers, abundant works, unique style, distinct personality and attractive charm, it has become a dazzling treasure in the treasure house of world literature.



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