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A brief introduction

Hello everyone, this is Maggie. I am a native speaker of Chinese.and I have been teaching now for 4 years with both online and offline. I would help you to learn and improve your ability with the Chinese language. In my class we will focus on grammar, spelling, reading, and pronunciation, conversations.Or you can just tell me what you need and would like to learn as well.

Please come and join me, let’s start learning with a happy journey.


Chinese for beginners

I like and am good at teaching Chinese to beginners. I can help you clarify grammar and vocabulary issues, and help beginners lay a good foundation and get through the confusion at the beginning of Chinese learning through the lessons summarized by myself.

Conversational Chinese

Learning through dialogue is often a way for learners to feel familiar and cordial, and also a way to have a sense of achievement. We can prepare dialogues with increasing difficulty for practice according to our class content.


Help learners understand and use Chinese skillfully to meet the needs of different scenes.

Chinese for children

I have many years of experience in children’s education and can flexibly control the classroom atmosphere. At the same time, they are familiar with YCT Standard Course and Chinese textbooks for primary schools in China, and can assign targeted Chinese learning courses for children with different needs.

Business Chinese

Be familiar with the BCT Business Chinese textbook, and use scenario exercises to learn in class.


Be familiar with HSK Standard Tutorial, and can specify applicable teaching methods for students of different levels. Systematic teaching is carried out from four aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Chinese for Professionals

Customized courses to meet different needs of learners.

General Chinese

Customized courses to meet different needs of learners.

Chinese language & culture

China has a long history and culture. If you are interested, we can discuss it.

Chinese Literature

I love Chinese historical literature and modern and contemporary literary works, and can only expand them for students.



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