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Mia Y.

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  • Zhang Jia Kou, China
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A brief introduction

Hello friends! I am Mia. I am from Zhangjiakou, China, which is a very beautiful city and the site of the 2022 Winter Olympics as well. I am a native Chinese/Mandarin speaker, and I am also an experienced Chinese teacher.

I have been teaching Chinese for 20+ years. I could teach all ages and all levels, including HSK, HSKK and business Chinese courses. I am a very patient and responsible teacher. As a professional teacher, my Mandarin is standard very much. For each of my students, I always choose appropriate textbooks according to their personal aptitude and learning aims together with different teaching methods. In my class, you will feel that Chinese learning could be an easy and fun thing in fact.

Book a trial class with me now and let me to be your Chinese teacher.


Chinese for beginners

Provide beginners with the simplest way, the most direct language, the most relaxed environment, and the fastest way to master primary Chinese (can reach the HSK level in 45 hours)

Conversational Chinese

Chinese conversation at all levels, creating different conversation environments. Including but not limited to daily life scenes, business exchange scenes, cultural and historical exchange scenes, leisure tourism scenes, etc. The course includes 10 hours or more of materials and books


It is mainly aimed at the learning of spoken Chinese for adults from zero to hsk1-6. Correct pronunciation, master vocabulary and grammar, quickly and effectively learn spoken Chinese and the use of different environments, so as to improve listening and speaking ability and advance towards reading and writing.

Chinese for children

Grasp the characteristics of children’s learning, use simple children’s teaching method (5-14 years old), and adopt different teaching modes in the classroom, such as singing, games, painting, origami, story telling, puzzle toys, etc. (refer to standard teaching materials such as happy Chinese, Chinese simple steps, YCT and making Chinese simple)

Business Chinese

Learn practical business Chinese, such as business negotiation and communication, business reception etiquette between China and other countries, business dining etiquette, business conversation and text, email communication skills, etc. (the course includes 10 hours or more of materials and books)


Learn and master HSK (1 ~ 6) standard courses and take exams

Realize rapid listening and memory skills, improve reading and understanding ability, understand and answer questions, and participate in real test and simulation test practice

General Chinese

General Chinese learning at all levels can quickly and effectively realize Chinese communication and improve listening and speaking skills.



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