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A brief introduction

 Hey everyone! I am Simi. I am from Taiyuan, China, which is a very attractive cultural city with long history. I am a native Chinese/Mandarin speaker with rich Chinese teaching experience. I could help you pass HSK exam, study or work in China. I like sports,reading & movies. Welcome to my Chinese class!

I have been teaching Chinese online more than 3 year. I have taught all ages and all levels, including HSK, HSKK, YCT and business Chinese courses. I enjoy teaching Chinese so I minored in Chinese language and Literature in college. My Mandarin is standard very much and l also got the certificate. Whatever you would like to improve Chinese pronunciation, reading, listening/conversation or else, I could help you greatly. I am a very humorous, witty and patient teacher. My class is always full of laugh and joy. My students could learn Chinese in a relaxed atmosphere.

I have taught English in primary school for 2 years. So There will be no communication barriers between us. But, in my class, I will try to give you an immersion Chinese teaching.

Come on! Let us discuss your learning target and how I can help you to make it.


Chinese for beginners

Successfully help students to have simple Chinese communication in daily life, order meals, take a taxi, buy things, etc. in Chinese fluently.

Conversational Chinese

Be able to communicate daily life, such as how to call family members, ask about time, weather, and daily greetings.


Learn about Chinese culture, folk customs, interesting historical stories, the origin and allusions of Chinese traditional festivals.

Business Chinese

Students have no basic knowledge, but they can conduct simple business communication after a stage of study.


Through 45 hours of study, we helped many students successfully pass the HSK exam, improve their Chinese level and understand Chinese culture.

Intensive Chinese

Pass the HSK exam to reach the level of studying and working in China, know the ancient Chinese culture, and understand the 5000 year history of China.

General Chinese

Basic terms of Chinese daily communication.



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