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A brief introduction

Hello, I’m Sunny.I am native Chinese, born in China, and grew up in China. I speak Standard Mandarin. I will make a personal plan for each student and learn in a systematic way. I teach the logic of Chinese sentences to make sure students really know how to use Chinese. If you offer materials by yourself, we can also do it.

As a beginner, Chinese pinyin is very important. If you are an intermediate learner, listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all necessary. In each class, we do a review of the previous lesson and practice each student’s weak part.

I have 5 years of experience teaching Mandarin. I am a certified tutor and my Mandarin is very standard. Study Chinese with me, you will be able to understand Chinese news and watch Chinese TV programs. My major is English in university. I worked as a bilingual translator for more than a decade.

I will make a personal plan for you to help you achieve your goal. Trust me, I will be your best choice!


Chinese for beginners

Basic Spoken Chinese , HSK 1-2, YCT , Easy steps to Chinese etc

Conversational Chinese

Boya Business Chinese, New Silk Road Business, Travel Chinese, Hotel Chinese, Construction Chinese etc


I worked as a Chinese teacher offline more than 2 years. I am good at oral Chinese and all kinds of business Chinese etc. I help many students to pass their HSK1-4 exams. I can also teach Sichuan dialects.

Business Chinese

Chinese for construction field, Chinese for international trade, Hotel Chinese and Travel industry Chinese etc


I help many of my students to pass HSK1-4 exam. I have all kinds of HSK e-textbooks, audios, sample test papers etc. I can recommend all kinds of Chinese learning apps, newpapers and online website materials etc

Intensive Chinese

Basic Spoken Chinese Course

General Chinese

Oral Chinese, daily conversational Chinese.

Chinese as a Subject

Primary school Chinese textbook teaching, junior school Chinese textbook teaching, high school Chinese textbook teaching etc



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