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Wei C.

Wei C.

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  • Guang Zhou, China
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A brief introduction

Hello! I’m Wei from China, a native Chinese speaker with a standard neutral accent.

I have taught Chinese as foreign language for 5 years, and I am also a gold trainer for many companies over 15 years. In my class, you will not find it boring or difficult to learn Chinese, but will have endless fun and lots of gains.

Different people learn Chinese in different ways, so do beginners and advanced. As long as you use the suitable method for yourself, learning Chinese is not difficult at all.

Get a trial class now! I won’t let you down.


Chinese for beginners
We can learn simple pronunciation, simple Chinese greetings, simple Chinese character practice. Let’s start from the basic study.

Conversational Chinese
We can learn daily life dialogue and make use of various occasions in our life. It is no problem to speak fluently.

We can learn basic Chinese knowledge, learn basic Chinese dialogue, and learn Chinese characters. We can make progress in our Chinese language from HSK1 to HSK6.

Chinese for children
Children’s Chinese We can learn Chinese children’s Chinese knowledge, use Chinese children’s textbooks to learn, plus teachers’ lively classroom teaching.

Business Chinese
Mainly learn the Chinese knowledge that we will use in our work. We will use special textbook knowledge to learn and quickly learn business Chinese knowledge.

According to the teaching materials, consolidate the exercises after class, and adjust the progress and focus according to the students’ situation.

Chinese Literature
In addition to learning the basis of Chinese characters, we can also learn Chinese literature and Chinese culture. We can discuss relevant literature to improve our Chinese level.



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