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A brief introduction

Help you pass HSK/HSKK, study in China, improve grammar and speak like native Chinese people! Use professional oral exercises and skills to quickly correct and perfect your pronunciation.

Hello everyone! I am Winnie. I am from Shenzhen, China. I am a native Chinese/Mandarin speaker. I am an experienced & very responsible Chinese teacher. I have many interests, such as reading(history) & gardening. Hope we could be friends and communicate besides class.

I have 5 years of Chinese teaching experience. I could teach all ages and all levels, including HSK, HSKK, business Chinese and service related Chinese courses.

My Mandarin is standard very much without any dialect accent as I’ve been speaking Mandarin since I was a child, and I had taken professional courses on how to correct and perfect Mandarin. The standardization of Mandarin is very important for Chinese teaching. Inaccurate pronunciation will lead to misunderstandings and jokes.

In my class, I will comprehensively teach Chinese in listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. For those who already have certain Chinese foundation and intend to improve oral sills or deep comprehension of grammars, I could help you greatly by doing conversation in Chinese and explaining in English. After class I will prepare some suitable homework/practice and follow up timely if student need it, and will share some oral exercises to help you improve pronunciation as well.

Start now! Book a trial class and tell me your learning aims. I will make a proper learning plan for you. See you!


Chinese for beginners

Recommended textbooks:《Basic Spoken Chinese》、《HSK》level 1~2

BSC《Basic Spoken Chinese》

1.Suitable people: Chinese beginners with short learning plan & focusing on listening & speaking.

2.Features: Includes about 555 of most commonly used vocabulary in daily life, allows beginners to reach HSK2 level in 45 to 60 hours in an easy and quick learning way.

《HSK》level 1~2

1.Suitable people: Chinese beginners with long learning plan & focusing on all aspects.

2.Features:The necessary grammar points are explained from the very beginning so that beginners can better understand. If want to attend HSK exam this is the better choice.

Conversational Chinese

Conversation Chinese for All Levels, up to the specific learning scope/goal and interests of the learners.

I have taught service working Chinese and business Chinese, and my Mandarin is standard very much.


Standard Mandarin Courses for All agers and all evels.

Design the conversation for learners.Correct pronunciation(Chinese Pinyin), correct speaking/grammar errors.

I have learned how to correct and perfect Mandarin, so I will use professional oral exercises to help learners correct and improve pronunciation.

Chinese for children

Chinese for Children (5~14 years old)

There are many interesting ways to learn Chinese such as songs、stories、games and drawings in the class.

Recommended Materials:《Happy Chinese》、《Easy Steps to Chinese》、《YCT 》Standard course.《Made Chinese Easy》,etc.

Business Chinese

Business Chinese suitable for different workplace.

Recommended Materials:《New Silk Road Business Chinese》, or prepare customized learning content according to learners’ specific needs.

Content:Customized business conversations,business culture differences,language used in different work situations, such as meetings, hotels, airport and etc.


HSK(1~6 level) Standard Courses.

Comprehensive learning in listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities.

According to the situation of students to choose suitable textbooks, there will be different emphasis on the learning of the four abilities.

Typical real test and mock test practice

Chinese for Professionals

Medical Chinese(TCM:Traditional Chinese medicine)–I majored in TCM in college,and I have always been interested in the TCM health care.If you want to know more about TCM or want to study this major, I can help you very well.



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