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A brief introduction

Hey guys! I am Xueting from Chengdu, China. I am a native Chinese speaker with very standard Mandarin. My major is English education and have many years of teaching experience in school. And I have taught Chinese as a foreign language for 6 years. I am always here to help you with Chinese learning.

Thanks to my education background and working experience in English teaching, I know well the rules and skills of second language learning. In my class, I will employ different teaching method when I treat students of different ages and Chinese level. Therefore, you will not feel boring or difficult but easy and fun in Chinese learning. I could teach all ages and all levels, including HSK courses. I am a careful, patient and responsible teacher, and I hope to accompany you in every stage of Chinese learning.

Looking forward to see you soon. I will not let you down.


Chinese for beginners

For beginners, we need to understand each other’s basic situation, and then simply greet each other with etiquette, starting with simple greetings

Conversational Chinese

For learners of conversational Chinese courses, if they have a certain Chinese foundation, I will better bring the content of life into the classroom, extend it with the help of the content of conversational books, and strengthen the conversational communication ability of scholars.


More than four years’ experience in teaching Chinese

Chinese for children

For children to learn Chinese, I will start with simple pinyin, and then add animation, games and professional Chinese books for children to teach


For HSK1-6 students, we will teach them to be flexible and flexible in learning the knowledge of textbooks. Basic knowledge should be learned solidly.

Intensive Chinese

Advanced Chinese to improve students’ language level to a greater extent



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