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A brief introduction

Hello everyone! I am Lisa. I am a qualified and professional Chinese language tutor.This is my certificate.

I am from Dengfeng of China, a beautiful and famous ancient city, which has a long history of Shaolin Temple and the Yellow River. It is also one of the birthplaces of Chinese culture. My Mandarin is very standard.

One of the most important things in learning Chinese is the tone. If the Pinyin is the same but the tone is different, the Chinese character and its meanings will be very different. Therefore, the tone of Chinese is very important. Meanwhile, in my class, I will share some interesting and practical knowledge of Chinese history and culture, so that the learner could better understand Chinese, and will not find it boring nor difficult in learning Chinese,but simple and very interesting.

Welcome to my classroom and I would not let you down.


Chinese for beginners

Using BSC (Basic Spoken Chinese) teaching materials and HSK teaching materials, I have the experience of teaching Chinese beginners in Nepal.

Conversational Chinese

Many students can speak a certain amount of Chinese and can communicate simply, but the pronunciation is inaccurate, which often leads to ambiguity. What’s more, they cannot read without knowing Chinese characters. Therefore, they should choose appropriate Chinese textbooks to help students correct their pronunciation, recognize (or write) Chinese characters, and improve their reading ability.

Business Chinese

I have rich financial and business experience. In addition to teaching business Chinese, I can also share many practical business etiquette and experience with students.


I have taught HSK1~6 students, and many students have successfully passed the HSK1~4 exam.

Intensive Chinese

There are students who have taught Chinese to help them focus on improving their Chinese level, such as correcting pronunciation, explaining Chinese culture, and introducing Chinese customs.



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