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A brief introduction

Hey everyone! I am Yinghua. I am from Yantai, China, which is a very attractive coastal city. I am a native Chinese/Mandarin speaker with rich Chinese teaching experience. Welcome to my Chinese class! Here you will get a good teacher and a new friend ^_^

I love teaching and I love children, they are angels. After graduation, I ever worked as assistant teacher and Chinese teacher in training institution, kindergarten and international school for many years. At the same time, I teach Chinese online as a foreign language for 3+ years. I have taught all ages and all levels, including HSK, YCT, Chinese culture & conversation, business Chinese courses and so on .I am an open-minded,humorous and patient teacher. My students love me and my teaching style as well. Whatever your Chinese foundation and learning goals are, I believe I could help you greatly. My class is always full of laugh and joy. You will be surprised to find that Chinese is not difficult to learn.

Now, please open my profile and arrange a trial class. Let us see in the class and discuss how to achieve your goals. See you.


Chinese for beginners

Basic spoken Chinese courses included around 500 of the most commonly used vocabulary in everyday life. and which will help the learner to understand easily and happy and achieve basic communication skills.and it’s within 45hrs to reach HSK2 level as well.

Materials and books included in the course (PDF format)


Standard and authentic Mandarin Courses for All Levels.

Mainly aimed at adult oral learning

From basic 0 to HSK level 6

Correct pronunciation, correct speaking errors, answer grammatical questions

Learn different customs and cultures

Efficiently and quickly improve your Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

Chinese for children

Easy steps to Child Chinese(5~14 years old)

*There are many interested ways to learn with songs、stories、games and drawings in the class.

*Materials with《Happy Chinese》、《Easy Steps to Chinese》、《YCT 》Standard course.《Made Chinese Easy》,etc.

Recommended study time: 10 hours or more

Materials and books included in the course (PDF format)

Business Chinese

Business Chinese for work.

-Customized business conversations or presentation content

-Skills while negotiating with Chinese clients

-Business culture comparison between China and your country

-Promote yourself or your company by using Chinese websites or apps

-Good manners when meeting and dining with Chinese clients

-Business text, telephone or email skills

Recommended study time: 10 hours or more

Materials and books included in the course (PDF format)


HSK(1~9) Standard Courses&Tests,I already finished for 200hrs.

Tests Targets:

-Fast listening memory skills

-Read and understand the materials in the quickest way

-How to answer questions even when you do not understand

-Typical real test and mock test practice

-Registration of exam

Recommended study time: 10 hours or more

Materials and books included in the course (PDF format).



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