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A brief introduction

Hello! I’m Yirong from Fujian, China, a native Chinese speaker. My major is Chinese language and Literature. I have been teaching Chinese in public school over 20 years, and I also have taught Chinese as a foreign language online for 5 years.

Thanks to my education background and rich teaching experience in Chinese, every year, more than 1000 students are admitted to their ideal universities under my guidance. Now I teach foreign students Chinese, and I am willing to pass on all of my Chinese knowledge to each of you without reservation. In my class, I not only teach you Chinese character, Pinyin and grammar,but also integrate Chinese culture, history and customs. You will find the unique and beauty of Chinese, and feel easy and fun in learning. China has 5000 years of history and civilization, you will love it!

If you want to learn Chinese easily, happily and efficiently, please come to me.


Chinese for beginners

Recommended textbook:《Basic Spoken Chinese》、《HSK》level 1~2

For those who has long learnng plan, choose 《HSK》;

For those who has short learning plan and just focus on speaking & listening, suggesst 《Basic Spoken Chinese》.


I am a professional Chinese teacher with nearly 20 years of experince in public school. I could correct your Chinese pronunciation and grammar errors greatly. I have helped many such students in the past.

Chinese for children

Recommended textbooks:《Easy step to Chinese》、《YCT》

Professionalism, patience and love are all necessary to teach Chinese to children,and these are my basic qualities as a teacher.

Business Chinese

Business Chinese suitable for different workplace.

Recommended Materials:《New Silk Road Business Chinese》, or tailored learning content according to learners’ needs.

Content:Customized business conversations,business culture differences,language used in different work situations, such as meetings, hotels, airport and etc.


《HSK》level 1~6

For Chinese learners from beginner to advanced. Have helped many students pass HSK 3&4 levels exams.



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